People who are moving to live in London have to know that the city has several main parts, same as the directions of the world, meaning Northern, Western, Eastern and etc. Keeping that in mind it will be easy to define to which part of the capital an area belongs, when you know its postcode. Thus when you see NW10 and you are offered to rent or buy a place there to move to, you will easily guess that this is the Northwestern part of the city.

The name Northwestern London is very general and there are many smaller and bigger areas that answer for the same postcode and are part of the region. One of them is the district of Willesden. What will catch the attention of every new person coming in the area is the fact that it has very strong connection with the Irish part of the Kingdom and therefore huge Irish community in the area. The zone is very well connected with other parts of the capital and has bus, tube and railway transport. So in case you decide to move in here, you will face no troubles with reaching from one spot to another. In case you are travelling with your car daily, it will be good to remember that the district is connected with A41 and A5 road, and this only seems to be another advantage of this part of the city.

Those of the residents who love riding bicycle will think that this place is especially made for them as they receive the information about the cycling club, that is functioning in the area. It has many members that support the idea for this kind of transport and making it more popular.

The coin always has too sides. In this case these are worst and best aspects of the moving to this district of the city. The first to be mentioned is the relocation itself. Like every person is different you have to consider the fact that the moving can be for better and can bring new hope, but at the same time can be very stressful. To avoid such critical situation, when you get depressed, feeling that you are all alone, your friends are far away and you can not see them often, try to search the bright side of everything. Look at old things, like pictures and presents from precious people. The memories will warm your heart, and will remind you how hard it was at the beginning in the old place and how good it got with the time.

Besides all the stress that the house move will bring, it has one advantage – to make the family stronger, work like a machine and relay on each other. The unpacking and cleaning will give you unique time to be together, talk and joke around. It is all on you to make it nice and pleasant. Value this time when you are away from work, and are building up your life in London from the beginning.

You will be amazed how many old records and picture you will find in the process of arranging your new home. They will bring nice memories to each member of your family.

Of course the permanent tripping in boxes and looking for things all the time will slowly fade with the time. The eating out may also not be pleasant for you, but look from the good side – London is one of the best places for going out and will help you know the neighborhood and the city.

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