Moving house can be quite the financial burden. You will have already spent thousands on deposits, agency fees, solicitors costs, surveyors and everything else, so the last thing you need is more money being spent on the actual move itself. You may find however that the cost of using professional removals companies may be a lot less than the potential costs of doing things yourself and getting it wrong! When you are talking to SW3 removal companies, ask about moving insurance and you may find out that the price of a removals company is worth it in the long run!

When you are making the decision on whether to get a removal company in or not, you will have to be able to work things out financially. This will mean getting a quote for the price of your move, and comparing it to the price of doing things yourself, from which you will be able to see if you are in a position to take the risk based on the potential savings. This sort of research will be the difference between a hasty and expensive SW3 move, and a calm, cost efficient process, so it is certainly worth the time and effort.

When you enquire about your quote from the different removers that you have found, you should make sure that you are including every available service that you may need in the final price. This includes things like, the number of men that you will likely need, the size of van that would be adequate, as well as insurance against damages caused by the team during the move process. While some of the protection against damages will come from your packing abilities and thoroughness, you will want to be protected against any sloppiness from the company’s end, as a misplaced box in the van can result in hundreds of pounds worth of damage as it falls on other things as the van moves between the properties.

Insurance will mean that you are covered for these damages, and will prevent you spending money on replacing things that are broken. It will also potentially cover you against damage to either property, as the larger items of furniture are being moved around, scraping paintwork or chipping wooden furnishings and plasterwork. These sorts of damages and other problems are the kinds of things that most removers will avoid however, as they are the sorts of accident that comes from inexperience and sloppiness on the mover’s part, which should not be present in a good removal man. It is far more likely that these problems will come with doing things by yourself, in which case you will not be insured at all, meaning that you could well incur damages that cost you hundreds of pounds in redecorating and replacing broken items, whilst also having to put in the effort and organization of sorting the move out on your own!

With this list of potential problems in mind, you will likely start to realize that getting in a SW3 removals expert is an important part of the moving process, it all depends on the size of your move, and the capability of those who you are using to help you out with it all. Be very wary of thinking that moving a few bits and pieces between houses is easy, it is a lot of work, and can be full of expensive mistakes!

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