Getting everything ready for your N4 move will be time consuming and organisation will go a long way to helping things run smoothly. One of the most important aspects of any move is choosing a removal company. Ideally, you’re going to want a company that offers the right services for you, that doesn’t cost the earth, and can get your belongings to relocated to Finsbury Park in a professional way. There are few things that are useful to bear in mind when choosing a removal company, that will hopefully help you make an informed and confident decision.

Be clear what services you need

It‘s best to do this before you contact any companies. Try and be methodical and have a good think about what you will require from a moving company. Do you need help with packing, for example? Many companies offer this as an additional aspect of service, although it will cost extra. Do you have packing materials? How big a vehicle do you need? Will anything need storing? It’s a good idea to ask yourself all these kinds of questions so that when you do begin getting estimates, you will know exactly what you are looking for. While getting all services from one company can be very convenient, if money is an issue, or you simply want to try and move as cheaply as possible, then consider what aspects you might be able to do yourself (packing, some transportation etc), as this will save you money when hiring your Finsbury Park removal company.

Shop around

When you’re clear on your requirements, find at least 4 companies you like the look of and get some estimates. Make sure to ask about what is included in the estimate, and that you will not be paying for any services you don’t need. Compare the quotes, and you should be able to find the best option for you. Do keep an eye out for any estimates that seem too good to be true though, as they probably are. Disreputable companies will often give low quotes to get your business, then add in lots of additional charges after the move is complete, or even during the process, which can leave you unexpectedly out of pocket. You can always check customer testimonials to get some idea of a company’s reputation, and the internet is great for finding out this kind of information.

Trusting your removal company

As any potential company will be handling all your worldly possessions, you want to feel that you can trust them. If you have any second thoughts, it can sometimes be best to choose an alternative company, as constantly worrying during your move will only make the whole process more stressful. To check a company’s reputation, you can ask around friends or family that might have moved in London recently, or even check with estate agents in the Finsbury Park area. Word of mouth goes a long way, but if you need further reassurance or information, then you can check with the British Association of Removers to see if the company is registered with them. If they are, then you are normally in safe hands.

Making use of a man and a van

One downside of removal companies is that they can be expensive. It can be well worth your time to contact a few reliable man and van services in your area, and even check what services are offered in Finsbury Park. A man with a van will often charge by the hour, as opposed to the day, so if you are moving from within London or aren’t too far from the N4 area then they can be a viable money saving alternative or even addition to any relocation.

Price your move

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