When moving house, one of the most significant (if not the most significant) things to consider is the moving service you’re going to hire. There’s quite a few different options that suit different budgets and sizes of move. You could hire; a professional moving company, a Putney man with van service, or a dedicated courier. Each of them has their fair share of advantages;

• The professional mover is the most expensive, but the most dependable. They’ll have the most staff, will always have insurance as standard and typically have more of a name and a reputation already built up.

• Man with van services typically offer the same as the professional mover, but at a lower price and as a result will have less staff. They generally offer a more personal move, as it’s just a man (or woman) and a van.

• A courier is a more specialised moving option. If you’re just one person and only moving a small amount of things, it’s the cheapest and most efficient way of doing so.

So, if you’re hiring a moving service you’ll have to consider each of these. Larger, longer distance moves will typically go for the professional mover. Small to medium sized moves should use the man with van. And as was stated, the courier is the option for the smallest moves.

However, choosing which type of mover is only the start. Now you’ve got to find the best one of the breed. To do this, there is a lot of research to be undertaken. Look on the Internet for moving services in your area, and note each of them down. Try to stick within, say, twenty miles. The reason I say this is that a local moving company will typically be more efficient because they don’t have far to drive to get to you, and they know the surrounding areas like the back of their moving gloves.

Anyway, once you’ve made a note of each of them, search the Internet again for customer review web sites. They should let you know if the ones you’ve been searching for are worth your time – they are dependable too because they are typically normal people. Use other peoples’ experiences to make the best decision.

Now get in contact with the remaining companies on your list and make sure they offer the services and support that you need. Now, every individual is different, but chances are you want whichever type of mover you’re going for to take care of your goods. So for that reason, make sure that they are both insured and properly qualified. If they’re not, then it’s best you walk away. They should also have the right equipment in their van; there’s no excuse not to have either elastic guide ropes or a proper storage rack. If they don’t, then that’s another reason to cross them off.

Now, all that should remain on your list are the companies that you trust. Now is the right time to start looking for prices. Make a note of how much of a load you’re taking and how far away you’re planning to move before you get in contact. Make sure the price estimate is properly accurate, too – you don’t want to get burned at the other side after already agreeing to their terms.

Now that you’ve found the right Putney moving service for you, it’s time to make the trip. Putney is a fantastic place with not only plenty of rowing action, but it’s also a very professional place. According to the 2011 census, nearly half of all Putney residents are of managerial, administrative or some other professional status. It’s only more appropriate to have the same attitude towards your move Putney.

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