While there are a multitude of things to consider when moving house, one of the most important aspects that you can have the most effect on personally, is packing. Being sure that your items are correctly placed and protected will help you move with ease, and with out worry as the the well being of your items. We will attempt to show you that it is easy to get right and that packing your belongings for a Harringay move is much simpler than it may seem at first.

The first thing to get around is amounts. Gauging how many boxes, you will need can be very difficult, so try to get the packing process started with a decent amount of time before the move. Consider the size of the room according to the size of your boxes, and then attempt to get a feel for how many of those box units the items in the room will take up. You will usually over estimate with this method, which is often a good thing, as there will always be surprise items to pack at the last minute, and running out of boxes can be a complete nightmare!

Get your children occupied by helping with the packing of their toys, but be sure that they are making the most of each box’s space. To avoid your own blood pressure sky rocketing, it is advisable to only let them pack that which is not too delicate, avoid any preventable breakages at all costs!

Make sure you have a couple of rolls of packing tape, newspaper of packing paper, a few markers (they will all go missing!) and a recommended single roll of bubble wrap of 250 meters length. Be sparing with the bubble wrap as it is more expensive and much more harmful for the environment than the news paper or packing paper. recycle everything you can and make sure that the paper you are using is from a sustainable source. Bubble wrap will usually be effective with a single or double layer. There is little point in swaddling your items in the stuff, as it will waste your bubble wrap, as well as take up more room in each box.

Be extremely precise in your labeling. You should obviously label the room that each box is destined for very clearly on the box itself, but it is a good idea to mark down what exactly is going in to each box, so that the unpacking of each box is much easier. This will also let you know where things are when you need them during the move, and avoid the painful process of opening various boxes to find a single item! You need not label beyond the point of usefulness obviously, there is little use for the title of each book in a box, however the difference between ‘books’ and ‘work books’ could be a great time saver.

With larger items it is usually unnecessary to box them, but protecting them is a must. If your sofa has delicate feet on it, then protect them with extra cardboard. If the furnishings are prone to get dirty, then purchasing a sofa cover may be a great idea, if not, then cellophane wrapping can be very useful. Taping a couple of triangles onto the corners of wardrobes will prevent scratching when they are being pushed or slid around on wooden floors, and removing as many drawers, feet and fragile handles will make your bulky items of furniture mach lighter and easy to handle through door ways and tighter spaces.

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