When running an office, it’s crucial that at any one time, you’re getting the most amount of efficiency and productivity out of everything under your control. You know, your staff, the equipment and the location must all be working together to their maximum potential. Though, sometimes, to achieve this, you’ll have to undergo an office removal. An office removal E2 can open up new possibilities – you can move to a larger building so you can easily expand your capacity, for example. Or, you could move to an area more suited to what your business does.

The Shoreditch area in London’s E2 post code could be one of those areas. The E2 is an area with lots of new office space, created by recent conversion operations; Industrial buildings that have been retired have been converted into fashionable offices. And to top it off, they’re all waiting for new business to move in. So, how do you go about an office removal? Well, there’s a few fundamentals that you’ve got to consider.

First off, you’ve got to plan everything out. Planning for the future is something that businesses do on a regular basis, so this shouldn’t be alien to anyone. You’ve got to figure out your budget and a time line. How much is everything going to cost, and how long will it take to sort everything out? There’s a lot to think about, like when certain pieces of equipment needs to be packed away, and when the actual move is going to take place. Make a cost estimate – how much is the E2 moving company going to charge, how much will you have to spend on extra equipment and so on.

Preferably, these plans should be made as early in the process as possible. Because that way, you’ll have plenty of time to sort everything out – you can hire the movers and decorators without having to rush. Not only that, by planning early you can allow your staff some input in the process – and this will only improve the productivity of the move, and allows the staff to carry on working throughout the process. So, it’s clear that by planning everything out, the move should go a lot more smoothly than otherwise.

With all the planning taken care of, you can go through with it. One of the more important parts of the process is the moving company. Make sure to do your research and find a moving company that is used to the scale and importance of an office move. Make a short list of all of the possible candidates, and whittle it down by talking to each of them in turn. Work out which ones have the best array of services for the most competitive price. Once you’ve hired them, make sure you let them know if you’re planning to move using multiple trips on multiple dates. For larger office moves, this may be unavoidable.

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of presentation. Before getting everything set up, you may want to consider redecorating. If the office already fits the aesthetic you’re looking for you can skip this step, but if not, consider hiring a professional decorator. A well-furnished office can do wonders for your staff’s productivity. If they’re working in a clean and well decorated environment, that can only be good for business.

With the office removal sorted out, you can now focus on getting everything back up and running. Of course, if you’ve planned the move out properly, productivity doesn’t necessarily have to cease, but it’s unlikely to be at the level you want it. Don’t worry though, an office move is nothing but good for business in the long run.

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