Your first move will be a sort of watershed for you, into the real world of adulthood, and the laborious responsibilities that you will have to deal with all of a sudden! Getting a move sorted can be a real dampener on the process of getting a new place and enjoying the freedoms that moving into a new home can bring, so you should be well prepared, or the whole thing can become more of a nightmare than living with your parents! First time movers are often faced with a load of difficulties that they were not predicting, so have a look over our guide to moving house to Richmond, and what to expect with your first move.

Firstly, despite beginners’ nerves, you may not give yourself enough time to prepare the move, as you will not have been there before to experience first hand the multitude of things that need to be done during the lead up to the day of the move. You will need to spend a lot of time planning to make sure that everything goes along without a hitch, and that you remain unstressed during the big day of the move. Start by drawing up a list of that which you need to get done, and run it past a friend or family member who has a good deal of experience in moving house, and let them advise you on what you may have missed out. With your newly comprehensive list of things to get sorted, you can put each task into a timetable than spans the weeks running up to the move. This should include things like packing up each room, booking the Richmond removals company or van man Richmond, switching the energy bills, getting parking permits for the new place, sorting out the decorations of the new house and so on and so forth.

When you have this list drawn up, you should be able to see the scale of the move more clearly, as you will have the perspective of how much time to spend or not spend working on things involved on the move. The hope is that you will have given yourself enough time to spend only a couple of hours every evening sorting things out for the move, rather than having to take a week off work just before the big day, which will either waste your well earned holiday days, or even mean that you will have to go without pay for a few days, which will obviously put a dampener on your early days at the new place!

As far as things to watch out when moving house go, each move is different, but there are some things that should be watched out for on any move. Firstly, when packing, make sure that you separate the weights evenly, so no box is a lot heavier than the others, as this can come as a surprise to a lifter, who may then hurt their back. On that note, if you are using friends to help you with the move, then you should make sure that they are up to the lifting bit, as this is where things can get dangerous. Be aware of parts of either house that will be especially thin or difficult to maneuver like stairs and doorways. Make sure everyone has read through the safety instructions for lifting heavy items that can be found online. Also, watch out for parking restrictions in places that you will need to leave the van, as a hefty fine can ruin your first day at the new place!

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