Located in West London, and part of the London borough of Ealing, Acton is an often overlooked cheaper alternative to Ealing in many respects, yet has many of the same advantages in terms of retail and amenities, not to mention being a stone’s throw away from Ealing by tube and bus. It can be a useful alternative for those looking to relocate to West London for employment or family reasons.

It has some of the best transport links in London, having a the largest number of train stations (seven in total) of any other borough of London, consisting of overground and tube links, as well as numerous bus routes to central areas of the city.

Property in Acton varies from Victorian to more modern builds, so there are properties to suit all tastes, with a wide range of local and national estate agencies on hand to give advice and information on living costs in the area. The area itself consists of East, West, North and South Acton, all having respective transport links, so the area itself is quite large and varied in terms of both properties and amenities. Generally, West Acton is more residential than the East and North, and is quite popular due to it’s close proximity to Acton town centre, as well as being voted one of the nicest places to live in London recently.

If you are moving with children, then there are a number of secondary schools in the area, including Acton High School, Twyford Church of England School, and the Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls. Acton is also home to a library, swimming pool and local park, which includes children’s play areas and tennis courts.

When planning your move, if you want to use local services, there are a number of removal companies that operate specifically in the West London area, and cover Acton. There is also a useful Acton community website which advertises local services and job opportunities, as well as general community information. This can be very useful if you want to get a more in depth feel for the area, as you can see what kind of events and community activities are being organised and so on.

The most important thing to consider once you are decided on your move to Acton, is to plan and organise your relocation. As there are so many available travel links, you may be able to save money by transporting valuable and essential items yourself, for example, so try to take advantage of the benefit’s the area has. It’s a good idea to begin planning your relocation a few months in advance at least, and make sure to set yourself a budget. You might be able to find good man in van services on the Acton community website, which may be more beneficial than hiring one from your current local area, as they will probably have a better working knowledge of Acton and the best routes to take when moving etc.

Finally, be sure to get a number of quotes from different companies and man and van services. This will enable you to not only find a service that fits your specific needs, but also has the advantage of giving you the possibility to haggle for lower prices.

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