There are lots of things that can potentially go wrong when moving home, but by being prepared and organised, you can avoid many of the common mistakes made by first time and experienced movers alike. Below are some common mistakes that can be made and what to do in order to avoid them.

Leaving packing to the last minute

Doing this will cause your move to become enormously stressful, you won’t have time to pack anything properly. This can not only cause stress, but may cause you to lose things, break or damage items and even forget to pack items entirely. To avoid this, organise your packing and set it to your moving schedule. Ideally, you should pack any items that are rarely used first, and work your way towards the more commonly used items as moving day approaches. Also, by clearly marking boxes with contents and what room they belong in, you can avoid any confusion when it comes to unpacking.

Not sending out your forwarding address

It can be easy to overlook this, as you will generally be focusing on getting packed and planning your relocation, but this can be a minor thing to do and can save you hassle after you’ve moved. A month before you move, send out letters and emails to friends and family, but also your bank, informing them of your impending change of address. While doing this, you can also let your phone/internet and TV providers know too, and get things set up in your new home for when you arrive. This ensures you don’t miss any important mail and have access to all your technology needs as soon as possible.

Moving on the weekend

At first, moving at the weekend might seem like the best and most obvious option, but remember you will not be alone in the idea. In fact, removal companies and some man in a van services will charge you higher rates to move at the weekend, so it can be a real money saver to plan your move during the week if possible. Secondly, London gets very busy at the weekends, and things may take a lot longer as you get stuck in traffic jams. Again, moving during the week will avoid most of these problems.

Booking the first removal company you find

While this is something you will want to get sorted as soon as possible, it is well worth putting in some time to check out any companies you plan on hiring. Also, consider whether you really need to hire a removal company – a man in a van might be sufficient for your moving needs, and they are a lot more flexible than a removal company, often charging by the hour, as opposed to the day. Generally speaking, a move across London shouldn’t take more than a day, so you might save money with a man in a van. A removal company will charge a flat rate for the day, meaning if you get to your new home ahead of schedule you are paying for a service you won’t use. Always get a few different estimates from whatever service providers you are considering too, as you may find better offers after a bit of comparison, and can often bargain a bit with a man in a van to get better rates. This will work better if you have an idea of competitor’s prices.

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