SW8 is the London post code for the animal lovers amongst us. It’s where Battersea Dogs and Cats home is located, and a perfect place for owners of these lovely creatures to take residence. Though, as great as Battersea and the rest of the SW8 are, sometimes things have to change. Maybe you’ve got a new job in a different part of the country, or want to move to somewhere that’s University adjacent. Or, maybe you just want to thin out the clutter – make a fresh start in a different part of London, or even a different part of the country. Whatever the reason is, you’ll have to find a removal firm.

You may be thinking to yourself, why should I hire someone to handle the move for me? Can’t I do everything myself? Well, the answer is yes, but handling all of the jobs yourself is a lot of hard work, and I feel that moving house should be as pleasurable an experience as possible. You shouldn’t be stressing yourself out by taking on all of the work. Let a removal company, Man with van firm or even a courier take on those jobs for you while you busy yourself with more pressing matters; Relaxing.

So, out of the three removal service types that I mentioned, which one should you be going for? Well, a courier is well suited to small moves – if you’re only taking a few small boxes then it’s the cheapest option. If your move is of a more demanding size, then one of the other two is better suited. More specifically, a SW8 Man with van service for medium sized moves, and / or if you’re on a tight budget, and a professional moving company for moves bigger than that.

Now that you’ve got the type sorted, it’s time to find the company for you. Make sure you do your research – look for all of the companies that supply your chosen moving service in your local area and note them down. Don’t just restrict your search to the Internet, look around the local newspapers as well. If you’re finding there’s too much choice, then restrict your search to within twenty miles or so. If you’ve got a friend, relative or work colleague that’s moved within the area recently, ask them for advice too.

Nonce you’ve got a good clean list, it’s time to figure out which ones are for you. Do further research, only this time, test their credentials. Look on customer review web sites to see if they provide the services that they claim to offer. Cross off the ones that don’t, especially the ones that provide inaccurate price estimates – dishonest companies are ones you don’t want to risk dealing with.

With your list whittled down even further, get in contact with them. Ask them about what additional services that they offer. Things like elastic guide ropes and storage racks are essential for a Man with van or professional mover SW8. If they don’t offer them, move on. There are other useful services you could ask for too, like the re-assembly and disassembly of flat packed furniture. Remember, you’re hiring one of these companies to reduce stress, any service that reduces stress is usually a good idea.

And finally, while you’re in touch with them, ask them for a price estimate. Be sure you have a couple of key bits of information first though; the distance you’re travelling, and how much weight you’re taking – these are how these companies gauge their prices, and can offer such an accurate estimate. Once you’ve got an estimate from each, weigh up the prices offered against the services they provide and make your own decision from there.

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