In every thing people do, they are usually first interested about the price of the activity or the service they are going to use. It is important aspect of everything, because it is all connected with money and they are the essential part of our life, as they are from a future moving. Everyone has heard that the successful moving needs long and detailed planning. And every planning sooner or later comes to expenses and looking for ways to decrease them, as at the same time we keep the level of the quality in reasonable limits.

When you and your family have planned future relocation and you are positive that for it you will need to hire a container to transport your stuff, because you are moving on a long distance probably, then you will surely be concerned about what this will cost you at the end.

In case you are still hesitating about whether to use the air freight services or the shipping, you have to know that in case you are aiming to decrease the expenses on your moving, the second option will automatically be your answer. Of course the shipping has one big disadvantage and this is the longer period of the travelling and delivery, but it is as secure as the air freight, you will receive the same result and for significantly less money.

The calculation of the costs has to start with the weighting of your shipment. You may not be able to get the right number for this, because of many reasons, usually due to the fact that the thing to be shipped can be very large and heavy. In that case you should use a freight scale. When you are going to use the sea transport, you should know that the size is as much important as the weight. Add the weight of the package to the total estimated kilograms of the thing that is going to be shipped inside.

It is good step to measure the height, weight and length of the total number of things or thing that will be shipped. If it is not possible for some reason, measure all the boxes that contain parts of it and write the numbers on each box, so that they are easily seen.

To know the cubic feet of the shipment, you will need to, for the next step of the activity, to multiply all the dimensions of the packages, which means length by weight by height. To transform the feet into meters, you have to simply divide the number, you have received from the multiplying, on 35,314.

After you have done all of the above, it is now the time to receive detailed quotes. Contact the company or the companies you have picked to help you with the moving and give them the dimensions of the items, the number of the boxes and the point A and the point B for them to be delivered to. As the company knows the dimensions of your luggage they will advice you whether to hire a small or big size container. And this will lead you to certain and detailed prices for the shipping.

Even then you have to be sure that all costs and fees are included, so you will get the most precise idea about the costs you will have for the shipping. As you add it to the costs for the shipping you will already know how much money to prepare for your moving. The last advice is to get quotes for at least three different companies, that are doing such services, to be sure that you have gotten the best offer.

Price your move

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