If you are planning to move house to the area of Finchley in London, there are some things you should know before you plan the entire relocation process.
This is an area in North London, which is considered predominantly a residential suburb. Moving for the first time to London will be a big event in your life so you need to make sure you know how to deal with it.

One of the things many people forget about house moves is the emotional side of the process. Relocating is much more than just shifting your personal possessions from one location to another – it’s a huge step in one’s life which can lead to considerable changes. Some of the changes people experience and need to deal with regard language, commuting, housing, weather, culture, traditions, workplace. These are important aspects of a person’s life and any change to the familiar routines leads to the necessity to adapt.

Moving house is a big undertaking that requires solid planning much in advance. The plans that you need to have include: a thorough checklist of each task to be done throughout the process, the moving day and after the move; budget plan which lists all expenses and fees; inventory list, which lists everything you are planning to pack for the move, as well as the items that you might wish to sell, donate or recycle. These three lists should be with you at all times, so you can have a clear idea of the whole process.

The inventory list will be needed once you start making phone calls or sending emails to removals companies. No company can give you a precise estimate for your move, unless they pay you a visit or receive a full list of the items that have to be shipped. The inventory list will also help you in terms of the insurance and the moving of valuable items. There are many aspects of a house move which you might not be aware of in the beginning, but find out during the process.

One rule of thumb is to try and stay calm throughout the relocation process, whether it’s taking you a few days, a few weeks or even a few months. If you manage to keep track of all your expenses, stick to an adequate budget and communicate the move properly, there is no reason for you to stress out. Moreover, this will be good for your family too and especially your children. Children usually have a hard time dealing with the idea of moving house, so you need to be extra understanding and focused on getting things right. Your children deserve to be informed of the house relocation as soon as you know it is inevitable, so they can deal with it in their own pace.

Remember that your spouse has a say in the decision making process as well. Moving house is a huge step for the whole family and doesn’t affect just the one organizing it.

London is a city that’s full of opportunities, entertainment and plenty of things to do and see. The move is a chance to start fresh, find a better job and have a better life. Make sure you know what is at stake and focus on having a successful house relocation.

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