Furniture removals Dulwich can be made stress free by sticking to some basic guidelines. Furniture removals can be stressful for a number of reasons. The first reason being that removal in general is a stressful process after all. Secondly, due to the size and composition of furniture, many removal complications may arise. But no worries; for every problem there is (supposedly) a solution, and furniture removal is not so much of a problem but rather a complication. And how to avoid and address the complication is the key to a stress free furniture removal.

First step, like in every removal and moving process, is to start early. That way, most complications can be resolved and/or avoided. You can prepare a checklist. Researching and finding the right removals firm is very important. You can opt for DIY furniture removal options where you dissemble, pack, unpack and assemble the furniture all by yourself, but it can be rather tiresome and even risky if you are not adequately familiar with the subtleties of the process. In many cases, the furniture may even suffer damage due to incorrect dissembling, packing, and/or assembling. So, in most cases, it is wiser to hire a furniture removal service (which is usually part of the general Dulwich removal services). Nonetheless, it is important that you are aware of the basic details of the furniture removal process whether you do it yourself or opt for a ‘total’ service option.

The first process is dissembling the large furniture items. Beds are large furniture items. They are first stripped bare and then taken apart properly with right tools. Then individual parts are packed accordingly. Mattresses may be packed in suitable plastic wraps and/or mattress covers. Sofas may or may not need to be dissembled depending on their size and the size of the entrance of the new residence/room/locality. Cupboards, closets, chest of drawers and other such items can be used to store light clothes, etc. in the drawers for the move. Plasma TV sets, and hi-fi systems should be packed in their original packing if available. Proper padding (mostly bubble wrap) is important. Do not forget to pack the remote controls properly (mostly) in separate boxes as well. Tables usually do not pose many problems. Bookshelves are veritably easy to move. Chairs and other smaller furniture items are the easiest. Mirrors shall be packed with adequate padding in strong cardboard/wooden boxes. Lamps can be packed and moved in the same manner. (Grand) Piano is considered the most difficult furniture item to be moved. Due to its large size, heavy weight, complicated dimensions and intricate design, a piano requires a lot of special care and effort to properly pack and move it safely. Removal firms use specially designed piano trolleys and packing specifications to ensure a safe and relatively easy shipment. A device called ‘shoe’ is strapped to the side of grand piano. This ‘shoe’ allows for safe resting on edge when moving the piano on the trolley. Assembling is done on the arrival of the furniture at the new location.

Knowing the relevant details and intricacies of the furniture removal process eases the mind and reduces stress. But there are some additional measures that you can take to ensure that you are as stress free as possible. As noted earlier a checklist will be very helpful. It will allow you to not miss out on details and will ease the memory strain a lot. Furthermore, you can talk to a family member, friend or acquaintance for advice and support. Try to stick to your normal routine as closely as possible. Take your medicines regularly (if you take any). Drink adequate amounts of fluids. Keep a calm mind and you might end up even enjoying your Dulwich furniture removals!

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