DIY removal can save you money, especially and mostly if you do it right! Yes, doing it right is vital. Otherwise, you will end up with more cost in the form of damaged items than you would save on removals by doing it yourself. In removal and moving industry, DIY removals are commonly known as PBOs (packed by owner). Waterloo is a good destination, and doing the DIY removals correctly will help preserve an unsullied impression of the place in your mind. If you want to save money via DIY option, you would have to stick to some rules of thumbs when packing. And of course it is more time consuming but if you do it well, and with the right frame of mind, it could be fun.

The most important thing is to start early. Packing takes considerable time and most people overestimate their efficiency in this regard. So the earlier you start, the easier would be the removal process in general. You will be able to properly organize your packing, and can avoid any last minute rush mistakes (which can easily end up in broken goods). Preparing and maintaining a reliable checklist is necessary for a smooth DIY removal. Furthermore, an inventory list is equally important too. You can mark or put numbers on the boxes, and the inventory list can be checked against the boxes at the time of loading and unloading. This will ensure that nothing is left behind, and in case box gets misplaced or lost you will know right away. Labelling things properly and comprehensively is also a useful thing to do, i.e. you should also write down about the contents of the boxes besides simple labelling. That way, you will find it easier to unpack and find things at your arrival. Removal is also a great time for getting rid of all the useless stuff and clutter. If you have time you can even organise a garage sale. Another option is to donate the clutter items to a charity. The less clutter you have, the fewer items you will have to pack and you will save more on your moving expenses. Packing shall be done one room at a time. That way, you will find packing to be easily manageable and more organized.

Now, about actual packing, you should acquire proper packing materials. You will need boxes of various sizes. Try to get double walled strong cardboard boxes. A pair of scissors, a razor knife, dark coloured water resistant maker, packing tape, bubble wrap and loose-fill are other packing materials that you will need. Packing ought to be done compactly, with any loose gaps filled by other soft items and/or loose-fill. Maximum average weight of a box shall not exceed 30 kg. And they shall not be larger than what one person can carry. Special care shall be taken while packing fragile items and the boxes shall be labelled ‘fragile’, etc. to avoid any damage from mishandling. Always have pack a separate box with your essentials in it, i.e. items that will get you started at your new home, e.g. coffee cups, sheets, cooking utensils, medicines, etc. You should take all the valuable documents and items with you instead of having it shipped with your Waterloo removals. This will help you avoid any mishap in case these documents are lost or misplaced; will surely save you a lot of inconvenience.

Use common sense along with all the aforementioned tips and guidelines and your DIY removals Waterloo will be a pleasant experience.

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