When you need to pack up your things and move them to a new home, or when you need to just have a good clean out, de-cluttering will be high on your priority list of things that you need to do. You can hire professional services in Shoredich that will come to your home and help you to de-clutter, however, you can de-clutter yourself. De-cluttering yourself will mean more work for you and it will take longer, however, it will also save you money and if you are in no need to rush or you don’t have that much clutter, then doing it yourself is probably the best thing to do.
Here is a step by set guide on how to de-clutter your house:
•    Get prepared, you will need boxes and rubbish bags.

•    Label some of the boxes as store, keep, sell and/or donate, recycle and use bin liners for the rubbish.

•    Don’t walk around the house aimlessly picking up things, choose a room and start there, do not move on until that room is completely empty.

•    All of your things should be in one of the boxes or the rubbish bag, the things you want to keep you can store back within the room now (unless you are de-cluttering because you are moving in which case leave them boxed up), ensuring everything can be stored somewhere, if you still can’t fit everything in you may need to reconsider how much you are keeping.

•    Once this is done, move onto the next room and repeat the process until you have worked through your entire house.

•    By now you will have found a place to store everything you want to keep, or will have everything you want to move to your new home boxed up, and the rest are in boxes ready for you to get rid of.

•    If you do have anything you want to keep but do not have the room for then you will need to find somewhere to store this, you may be lucky enough to have a relative or friend who can store a box or two for you, but if not, you may need to consider storage solutions and renting a space.

•    Anything that you are hoping to sell should be separated into two piles, a pile of things that you consider to be worth some money, are in good condition and are desirable to someone else, these things should be sold privately via advertising or an auction website.  The second pile should be things that are more suitable for sale at a car boot sale.

•    Donating the things you do not want is a thoughtful and considerate idea, find a local charity shop and ask them if there is anything they want.

•    Recycle: up to 90% of the things we throw away can be recycled, and this greatly helps the environment.  Go through all of your rubbish and put as much of it as you can into the recycling boxes.  You will need to sort through your recycling so that it is in the correct categories, e.g. plastic, metal, paper, etc. and then find a recycling centre that can take all of this from you.

•    The rubbish bags can be thrown out with your usual rubbish, unless there are too many bags.  In this case you would need to visit a waste disposal centre and get rid of your waste, there is a charge for using this service and it usually depends on how much stuff you are throwing away, the fees are usually per tonne of waste.

•    Remember that not everything can be recycled or disposed of like normal things can, things like fridge freezers need to be removed by someone qualified to handle specialised equipment.

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