There are lots of useful things to bear in mind when it comes to choosing the right removal service Soho for your relocation. You’ll want to make sure a company is trustworthy for example, and will handle your goods with care. Also that they are reliable and will be able to stick to any schedules so that you can get into your new home as easily and quickly as possible. Below are some tips to follow when finding, comparing and choosing a removal company.

Identify what services you need

First, think about what you need from any potential movers. Do you need additional storage for your move? Are you planning on packing yourself, and if so do you need packing supplies? The distance, and even date of your move can make a difference too – the longer the distance the more value you are likely to get from a larger, national removal company. The date can be important, because depending on the time of year, removal company rates will change. They are generally more expensive in the summer and at the weekends for example, so it can be worth trying to get your moving date to work in your favour financially.

Do your research

Once you know what key services you are going to require, take your time perusing and researching various company websites. Most of the services a removal company Soho offers will be listed on their websites, and you can often get general estimates of costs too, so this can be useful when trying to set out your budget. Make sure to check thoroughly though – you might find it easier for example, to book all your services with one company, especially if you require a lot of additional services like storage, packing and packaging, as this will keep the cost centralised and make dealing with moving expenses a bit easier.

On the other hand, it might work out cheaper to get your packing supplies from one source, while doing the packing yourself and hiring a man in a van for the transport. Again, everything really depends on the nature of your Soho relocation, but shopping around for the best value will be worth it.

Finding reliable companies

This will be a key concern, as you don’t want all your household goods arriving at your new home later than expected or damaged. A good way to find a reliable and trustworthy company or service is by asking around friends, family and colleagues, especially those local to the area. Often, you will find someone who knows a man in a van, or who has trustworthy feedback about a local removal company. When looking online, it’s also a good idea to find and read through some independent forums or message boards to find reliable feedback about companies you have been researching. If you want to be extra careful, then take the time to check any of your potential service providers are registered with the British Association of Removers. This is the regulatory body for the removals industry, so should give you a good idea of how professional a company is.

Getting estimates

Finally, try to pick about 3 or 4 service providers. You might find that one or two are unable to make the dates, or are already booked, so it makes sense to have a few alternatives you can turn too. It’s also worth giving each company a call do discuss removal quotes Soho and services, even though you can often find this information online. By calling, you can get a good sense of their professionalism, and they may also point you in the direction of discounts you missed or special offers etc.

Price your move

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