Moving home can be an expensive process. There’s a lot of things to buy, lots of services to hire, and so on. But, it’s only an expensive process if you let it. There’s plenty of ways to save money on a N4 house removal, and easy ways to raise extra funds if you need them. Some of these tips will be more useful earlier on in the process, but if you’re looking for some penny-pinching moving advice, you’ve come to the right place.

Get as much money as possible for your old home

First time movers can skip this tip, but if for those that are in the process of selling their own home, try to make as much money as possible off of it. The reasons for doing so are obvious – the more value you can squeak out, the more you can spend on your new place.

You can get as much money as possible by polishing up the presentation. Before allowing any viewings, make sure everywhere is spotless, and there’s no nasty breakages. Polish everywhere up, replace all of the light bulbs, and fix that pesky bit of guttering. If your home has a garden, make sure it’s in tip-top condition as well. All of these can add up to a good impression and at the end of the day, a solid offer.

Consider renting instead of buying

Going for a rental property rather than buying your own may be too big of a step down for some, but for first time buyers on a budget it’s a great idea. A rental property is not only far less expensive, but also requires less hassle. The only major down sides are; the possibility of strict living rules and the lack of expansion prospects further down the line. But, keep in mind – this may well end up being a temporary move, so you should not worry too much about that.

Raise money on a sale

This is another great way to raise money. Check your lofts, cellars and in the deepest corners of your cupboards for goods that you feel will never need again, and sell them off. This can include anything from old white goods, games, collectibles and clothes. Put them up on an online auction web site, or if you prefer the personal touch, hire a stall at a car boot sale. You never know, you might find something that’s worth a fortune.

An extra advantage to this is that you can save money on the transportation process by selling some of your heavier items. Say, your wardrobes and cupboards and so on. It’s more than possible to sell them on, save weight on the journey, and buy them when you reach the other side. Just something to keep in mind.

Try haggling

You might think you won’t be able to afford a N4 moving company, or a man and van removal firm, or even a courier if you’re planning a smaller move. But before you lose hope, ring them up and ask for an estimate. Then try to work that price down. Most companies will budge a little on the price, especially if you’ve gotten a better deal elsewhere – it’s definitely worth a shot.

In order to save money on a removal, you might have to make a few sacrifices or put a little extra work in, but it’s definitely worth it if it means you can move to your new home with a little extra cash in your pocket. Keep a few things in mind though – don’t skimp on quality. Don’t hire an overly cheap mover N4 that you can’t find reviews for, or go for low quality moving boxes – just to name two examples. By attempting to save money this way, you’ll only be setting yourself up for a fall.

Price your move

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