Tips for Moving from Fulham to the Countryside

Tips for Moving from Fulham to the Countryside

19 August 2014

Living in the area of Fulham in West London has its advantages, so if you need to move to the countryside, it would definitely be a big change for you and your family. What is it that makes a family take this serious step? Often life in the big city is so stressful and hectic, that people realize it’s not worth all the commuting and frustration just for a job in the city. There are plenty of opportunities for those living in smaller towns in the countryside. One of the great advantages is that it’s easier to find fine housing, whether for rent or to buy. Moreover, one can buy a big house with plenty of room for storage and guests for the price of a one-bedroom flat in London.

Let’s face it – it’s much easier to enjoy a spacious home in the countryside. So what should you do in order to have a successful move to the countryside? The most important rule is to pick a qualified, fully-licensed and insured moving company. There are plenty of London moving companies with serious experience in long-distance and interstate moves. Relocations to the countryside usually take longer and are riskier than those within the city. What do you need to take care of before the moving day to ensure it goes well? Determine what you are going to move so the mover can give you an approximate quote for your shipment.

If you want a reputable removals company, then you have to be ready to pay a significant amount. The price will be based on the size of the moving truck, the time of year, the number of movers, the packing services, the distance of the move and any accessorial charges which will be added up on the moving day. Pick a day that is convenient for everyone – ideally before the start of the school year, in the end of August or beginning of September. Keep in mind that this is the peak time for all kinds of moves and the fees are the highest. Moreover, you will need to book the moving truck much in advance to ensure that the removals company has a free day on its schedule. Beware of rogue movers which will only rip you off, but won’t be reliable.

Some signs to look out for include: no insurance, refusal to sign a written agreement, no definite quote for the job, delays, insistence on cash payment only, demand on payment before the moving day, plenty of accessorial charges, lack of past reference, etc. All these are signs that clearly say you shouldn’t trust the mover. Another thing to consider is whether to pack on your own or pay for full packing services. Understand that packing services come with full insurance, whereas if you pack on your own, any damage you cause will be on you.

Moreover, there are items which require special handling, specific packing material and techniques; things like electronics, glassware, paintings, artwork, major appliances and others. If you have absolutely no experience with long-distance moves and packing, it’s best to invest in a team that will take full care of your belongings in a safe and stress-free manner. Moreover, this way the move will be significantly shorter as a process. The packers can pack and move your furniture and other belongings within a weekend, which is a big advantage.

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