The House Move to SW1 – All about the Moving Boxes

The House Move to SW1 – All about the Moving Boxes

19 August 2014

For your house move to the area with postcode SW1 in London, there will be a lot of moving details to take care of and be aware of, before you even pack a single box. One of the biggest stages of every type of relocation is the packing process. Whether you are only moving locally, or doing a cross-country or international move, packing has to be impeccable so it guarantees the complete safety of all your belongings. Many people have the wrong assumption that they can simply buy a bundle of cardboard moving boxes, put all of their possessions inside, in no particular order, and seal the boxes. This is not the right way to pack and it can result in lots of damage. What you need to understand is that once you load the moving truck and it goes on the road to your new home, what could move inside will most definitely move. You need to apply lots of padding and cushioning and literally fill in all the voids between the different items. You have to use straps and strong packing tape to secure as little movement inside the truck as possible.

Even a single bump on the road can cause damage to your favourite china set or to a sculpture you’ve had for years. The answer to this common problem is to have quality cardboard moving boxes and to know how to use them right. The truth is that one can never be too cautious with the moving boxes.

The first thing to do is buy small moving boxes which you can’t load to more than 50 pounds. You need boxes of various sizes, but the smaller ones can hold heavier items easier. Some boxes, however, are naturally heavier – electronic and wardrobe boxes for example. The boxes shouldn’t be overloaded, so you can easily lift them and they don’t tear up during the carrying. The number and size of the moving boxes depends on the size of your household and the type of items you need to pack. The best way to determine what you need is to ask a representative of the moving company to visit you. This way they will estimate the size of moving truck for the job, the exact cost of the relocation and can give you an invaluable piece of advice on the types of boxes that you need.
The best boxes for books, kitchen items, small appliances, lamps and fragiles are 1.5 cubic foot (or about 16x12x12 inches).

These boxes can carry up to 60 lbs. A bigger moving box (3.0 cubic foot) is perfect for electronics, clothing, pots and pans. Don’t forget to wrap the electronics and breakables in plenty of bubble wrap or linen. For larger kitchen appliances, linen and lamps use boxes of 4.5 cubic foot. For pillows, large blankets, couch and chair cushions and toys you need boxes of 6.0 cubic foot, which can carry up to 70lbs. Be careful though – don’t overfill these boxes or they will be too heavy to carry. You can get a few wardrobe boxes, which have metal bars inside and make moving clothing quite easy. No folding, no wrinkles – just hang the clothes inside and tape the box so it doesn’t open. Dish boxes are another necessity when moving – they are perfect for cups, glasses, plates and bowls.

Follow these tips and your move will go smoothly and easily.

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