We all know that moving house can be one of the biggest stresses in terms of administrative efforts, as well as q lot of strain physically as well. You will want to make your move as quick and easy as possible, in order to ensure that you are not feeling the burn at all time of the day and night in the weeks leading up to the big day. Adding children in to the equation will no doubt increase the issues that are associated with the hassles of moving house, as you will want to be spending as much time as possible on the move, without neglecting your kids and your working and social lives. Be sure to prepare well in advance to make sure that no one is left unaccounted for, as this can mean that there are disasters on the big day of the move, and upsets among the family, all of which will make things much more difficult, as well as potentially quite costly.

Firstly, start by planning everything well in advance. You will likely want to start getting things sorted about a month or so in advance, which will give you time to come to terms with everything that needs doing. Begin by making a list of everything that you need to get done, and run it past a friend or family member who can advise you on whether you have missed anything out, or made a mistake anywhere. In all cases, you should be thinking just as much about where your children will be while each task is being performed. If you can sort things out over the phone, then you will be able to stay with the children, but should you need to travel anywhere, or deal with things like painting and decorating, which will take up more of your time, you may need to find someone to look after them. In order to make the move as friendly as possible, you would do well to have a relative look after your kids, as this will reduce the impact that the Balham move will have on their lives. If they feel like they are moving away from their familiar home, as well as having to spend time with strangers at a creche or carer, then the move will quickly become a negative thing, and you will have a lot of trouble with getting them settled into the process, as well as the new house.

The emotional aspect of moving house Balham is one that you may not have considered. When moving as an adult, there may be a pang of regret as you close the door on your old place, but it rarely last long after you have settled in to the new house. With children however, there is more of a raw bond with places in which they have grown up, and you may encounter difficulties in getting them to settle in, as they miss their old room and surroundings. Making sure that they are prepared is very important, as well as making sure that they come to terms with saying goodbye to anything that they may be leaving behind, whether it is old friends that they won’t see anymore, or just the garden that they used to enjoy.

As far as safety goes, having a team of Balham removal men in the house carrying heavy items will be a disaster if you have small kids running around, so make sure they are out of the way on the big day, either being looked after, or well distracted in another room!

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