The area of W11 in London includes Notting Hill and parts of Holland Park. When moving home in W11 it’s important to find the best way to adapt to the new area and get a feel for the space. Turning the new home into a cozy, comfortable and functional place for you and your family is of great importance. Some old items won’t look well in the new home, so you might start thinking about replacing some of them.

Start by assessing the space you will be residing at. Before you start planning the arrangement of the furniture, you need to imagine or see the room completely empty. Clear it out entirely if you can so you can get a true view of the place and see which pieces will work best at which place. Focus on the functionality of the room – the high traffic areas should be free of any obstacles. Of course a room has to be aesthetically pleasing as well. It’s best if the furniture can serve dual purposes, so make sure you create a well-arranged area for the family and for guests too. If you want a room to serve more than one purpose, you might need some DIY work. Use bookshelves, furniture and rugs to visually separate the room into two or even three areas. This way one area can be for reading, another for playing with your children and a third one could be a home office. You don’t need separate rooms for everything – all you need is some imagination and design thought.

Choose the focal points and how you want them to look. Whether it will be a large window, a fireplace or a sculpture, the focal point will instantly grab the attention. You can always create your own focal point, by using artwork in a large scales, an impressive piece of furniture or dramatic drapes.

Before you start moving the furniture into each room, make sure you have measured the walls, the furniture pieces and have done the math. It’s essential to work with the space, not against it. Be careful with the large furniture pieces – one per room is enough, so it doesn’t look cluttered and unwelcoming. You can use an online tool which will help you arrange your rooms virtually and see exactly how the room will look. These tools can also help you when you plan adding new items – furniture pieces, plants, artwork, lights, mirrors, etc.

One of the ways to feel great at home is by creating balanced rooms. The big furniture should be balanced with groups of smaller items. Try not to place all the furniture against the walls, use the middle of the room too – this will add depth to the room. Some rooms (such as the kitchen and the bedrooms) can benefit from this quirky arrangement and become much more functional. Use decorative art and focus on the colours – some pieces in the right shade can make a room appear brighter, taller and add interest.

Leave enough room next to the doors and the windows so you can open them easily. Always arrange the big furniture pieces first and then the smaller ones. Consider a reasonable distance between the TV set and where people will sit in the room – at least 8 feet away.

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