1. Give yourself some room to breathe. Starting your journey towards moving house to London as far in advance as possible will be the difference between the whole things being a claustrophobic stress-fest and a calm and easy set of processes. You can only benefit from starting early, so why act any other way? The worst that will happen is that you are really well prepared, and extremely relaxed! Get ahead, and start your planning a good month in advance, even if you think it is too early.

2. Planning, being the mainstay of making things go smoothly, is a must. Even if you start preparing for the move really early, you will still mess it all up if you do not plan adequately. This means writing up a list of everything that needs doing, running it past a few others to make sure that you not missed anything out or made any mistakes, and then putting each task, alongside who is going to get it done, into a time table that spans across the weeks that you have running up to the move date.

3. With extended planning, and a good amount of time to get the move prepared for comes the ability to take time over your decisions. This will mean that you have a good chance of cutting costs wherever you can, as you will have the room to breather in order to make these decisions and work out where money can be saved, as well as where the cash needs to be put in to make sure that there is no risk of anything going wrong. Cutting corners is fine in terms of saving money, but if it results in wasted time, accidents or extra costs, then it has not been worth it!

4. One of the most important tasks on your list will be finding the right transport for your items and boxes. If you are doing a large move, then you will probably be using a London removals company, and you should book them as early as possible, in order to make savings, as well as putting your mind to rest. You will want to do your research into the best companies for you, as going with the first one you find will likely mean you are missing out on a deal or two!

5. Getting the new house as sorted as possible before you move in will make everything a lot easier on the other side of the move. Both in the sense that you will have less to do, and can concentrate on settling in, as well as the idea that a nice place will mean that you enjoy being there a lot more. Get your decorating done in advance if you can, as it will obviously be a lot easier if you are free from furniture and the likes. It will also mean that you know exactly the state of the place before you move in, and make setting things up a lot easier.

6. An element of the house removal London that many will forget about is that of the ‘emotional’ or ‘human’ side of the move. You should be aware that moving house can be difficult for younger members of the family, especially if they have grown up in the house that you are leaving. You should be aware of how you are being around others as well. The stresses associated with the move may turn your temper up, making you a difficult person to be around, especially for your removals team, who will be less likely to work as hard if you are being a dragon!

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