When relocating to WC1 you have a number of options to consider. Some may prefer a complete moving help package. On the other hand, some people may choose to only rent a ‘man and van’ service while the rest of the move is essentially a DIY. So, you planned and executed everything yourself, and the only thing outside of your self-done sphere is man and van service. Booking a man and van service WC1 can be a bit of a stretch if you are not careful because even if you planned and executed everything perfectly by yourself, this one aspect of your move where you are depending on someone else is very crucial. If it does not go quite all right, the whole move would be affected badly. So, it is very important to get it right. There are a number of things that you should be considering. These important aspects, the do’s and do-not’s, can be roughly categorized in five broad points.

1. The services that you need: There are a number of options available here for you to choose. It all depends on your needs. Most good services provide you with the convenience of disassembling, loading, unloading and assembling of your furniture and other items. Some may charge extra. So keep in mind how much help would you be requiring from your man and van service, and whether all of it comes with or without any additional charges.

2. Quality of services: The quality of services and the reputation of the firm must be good. And you need to make sure it is. You can ask around. Customer testimonials or reviews will give you a good idea. The condition of van and accordingly the observation of safety regulations on the firm’s part will tell you a lot about their services. If possible try to meet your man and van service unit prior to the move to make sure that they will be easy to communicate with and that they understand what you require of them and also how well the know your area.

3. Your budget and the prices: Considering that you opted for solely the man and van service instead of a complete moving package, you are not running on a very fat budget. And any extra or hidden charges can do real harm and cause considerable inconvenience. So, it is in your best interest to be very thorough about all the subtle details of the services provided and their relevant price tags, and any if’s and but’s in the terms of these services. The most common option is to pay by hour. If you chose that then you need to be organized and attentive to save you any extra trip that you could have avoided. If you are paying a fixed price for the whole move then be thorough and organized. A checklist can be very helpful in either case.

4. Handling and insurance: DIY removals and PBOs(packed by the owner) are usually not covered under insurance. And since you did the packing, on arrival if any damages are found, there can be considerable confusion as to whether the damage resulted from mishandling by the man and van service or ‘mis-packing’ on your part. Familiarise yourself with you man and van service, and talk to them about your doubts and reservations prior to the move.

5. ‘Worst case scenario’: What happens in case the weather turns really bad? Would they show up? What about bad traffic? And what if the vehicle breaks down? You need to make sure of telling them what you are expecting of their services in such worst case scenarios and knowing how they would handle these situations can save you a lot of disappointment later.

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